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Leh Expedition

'Leh expedition is a collection of ten mini landscape paintings  inspired from my trip to Leh-Ladhak in 2019. This trip has given me some of the best experiences in life. Every piece from this collection has a story attached and a memory to be cherished forever. 

The Leh expedition collection is made with acrylics on canvas in the impressionist style. The palette knife is the primary tool that is used to paint luscious strokes and rich texture. 

Leh-Ladakh changed me as a person. A few years ago, I thought I went on a journey to travel, but my journey was not just about travel. I tried encompassing all those feelings in the collection I made inspired by my time there. Each of the paintings in this collections is a place that I've been to and made beautiful memories there along with a bunch of co-travelers.

As you browse through the collection, I want to take you on the same journey as I did and let you live the moments as you experience the surreal energy of all these places . 


Leh Expedition

Acrylic Paintings

made on 100% cotton canvas

with rich texture and

impressionistic strokes


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