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18x24 cm

Original Painting

Acrylic on canvas


Aranya minis are painting studies inspired by the adventures in the wild. They also fall in the 'Aranya' collection and carry similar emotions and experiences. Think of each mini as a pocket-sized adventure cut-out for your walls! 


'Aranya-mini IX' is another painting inspired by our hike from the mesmerizing Bratislava, Slovakia. This hike was very special because on the way to the forest, we made an octagenarian hiking friend :) At her age, she apparently does that hike twice every week! Such an inspiration! The hike itself was very beautiful, we stopped at a small brooklet, stayed there for around 3 hours, clicking photos and discussing life events while also getting some inspiration for my artwork!


This painting comes in a vintage frame sourced from an antique store, which is included in the price.

Aranya-mini IX

€ 175,00Prijs
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