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'The Chase' is a tribute to the Cheetas that were brought from Namibia to add to the Indian wildlife reserve. Wildlife safaris are special, expecially if you can catch a glimpse such as this. The energy of the landscape, with all its vibrant colours, conveys the energy and desperation of a carnivore hunting its prey. 

The aspects of this painting that I love most are its many focal elements- The hunt being the main aspect, the dramatic sky which is both cheerful and fierce at the same time, the vastness of the trees showing the depth and luscious texture of the grassland. 
All these aspects together give us such an immersive experience as thought we are a part of the scape.  


160x100 cm 
Acrylic on canvas (stretched)

Varnished witha UV protect layer

Signed on the front, Name and date on the back


Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity


Custom payment plan available for this piece. Email at and we can set out a payment plan that can work for the both of us.

The Chase

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