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11x15 cm (with frame - 27x32 cm)

Original Painting

Acrylic on handmade Deckled edge cotton paper


Aranya minis are painting studies inspired by the adventures in the wild. They also fall in the 'Aranya' collection and carry similar emotions and experiences. Think of each mini as a pocket-sized adventure cut-out for your walls! 


'Aranya-mini XII' is inspired from a sight from the Panna Tiger Reserve in India. This was on our safari on the first day where we couldn't spot any tigers but it was still one of the best game drives we did. The guide who sat next to the driver was an experienced campaigner, he has been doing this for the past 21 years, so he knew what he was talking about! We were in an open-top jeep speeding away in the rough terrains of Panna but he made the driver stop whenever he spotted something interesting. He spotted a very small shy bird called the Savanna Nightjar which is a very rare thing to spot, that too during the day, with the Nightjar doing all it can to stay camouflaged. But the guide did it while the jeep was still on the move and it took us some time to spot it even after the jeep was stopped and with a pair of binoculars! The guide's (Mr. Sanjay) experience and passion on display! 


This sight you see on the deckled edged cotton paper is from that moment when we stopped and searched for the Nightjar (although it wasn't painted)!


This painting comes in a beautiful vintage frame sourced from an antique store, which is included in the price.

Aranya-mini XII

€ 135,00Prijs
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