I am Sravani, a 20 something artist from the land of diverse cultures, India.  My finesse in professional painting evolved by being self-taught and adventurous.

Art to me is more than just painting on a canvas. It’s a mindset that allows me to be explorative like a child. It's about finding my state of flow whilst enjoying stillness. Art to me is the feeling that I get when I find inspiration that moves me to the core and gives me a rush of energy. I create art so that I can experience these varied states of life. My prime goal is to evoke the same emotion and a deep sense of belonging to the viewer. I want my viewer to live and deeply connect with the process, feel everything there is on offer while also sensing the nothingness. 

My style is not limited or specific, rather, it changes with my feelings, thoughts and sometimes the places I visit. Colour and texture are major elements in my art. 

I am striving hard to make my presence on this land worthwhile through art and design. Though my art is still evolving, my vision for how I want my creative energy to impact lives is blossoming rapidly.