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7 mini paintings
Earthy. Grounding. Energizing

A collection inspired by my home garden in India. These little paintings are my way of admiring the little details around us that can fill us with joy and gratitude.

Allow yourself to wander around these bits of green details!

The 'Earthlings' collection is inspired by my home garden that my mom built. The collection birthed during the time when all of us stayed at home and focussed on the simpler things in life and new found interests. Every evening I would water the plants, try and play with the squirrels that lived on the coconut tree, feel excited about the blooming flowers and the fallen leaves, and get sun kissed by the light pouring in from all directions. All of how I felt made me want to capture those evenings in these little paintings. I hope these little works remind you of the beautiful little things that gave you hope and happiness during your tough times.


Artwork that makes you feel close to nature.

Details that  you could get lost and wander in.

Bits of nature that bring warmth and admiration to your spaces. .


Paintings made on 100% cotton

deckle edged paper

with artisanal gouache paints

and deep feeling of inspiration


The inspiration for the collection


Every morning, as I woke up, I would take a stroll around the garden to find flowers fallen into an earthen bowl of water placed for the birds that visited us. I always wondered how there could be so much beauty in something fallen. The way that these fallen flowers added beauty to the bowl and the ground around almost seemed like art in itself.

It was always fun to see how plants let themselves run free and wild, romancing with and winding around each other. The playful interactions amongst a bunch always intrigued me.

After each rain shower, all the plants made sure they shone bright. They made sure they were gleaming and inviting so that we fell in love with them more than ever. And we did! We always found ourselves captivated by how surreal they seemed.

Wander amidst mindful brush strokes, grounding details and lush textures of my creative flow

Captured moments of inspiration

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