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Enchanting. Energizing. Intimate

Aranya means wild forest in the Sanskrit language. This collection is inspired by the abundance and energy of the enchanting wilderness.
Birthed from my trips to wildlife reserves and the jungles in India, I wish to make to experience the depth, intimacy and mysteriousness of being in the wild and living as part of it. 

I have always been intrigued by the depth, mystery and the captivating nature of dense wild forests. I found my soul on fire as I walked into thick bushes with their leaves slapping my face, my feet drowned in sludge and Adrenalin high with the fear of encountering a wild animal. I experience the raw, unfiltered side of my personality every time I adventured in the forests and I intend to convey the same thrill and wonder through this collection.

'Aranya' is a collection that I am currently working on through which I hope to express my my experiences in their purest form. I want you to drop your guard down, be open to waves of emotions that want to caress you and be totally aware of how you feel.

Come, Walk with me in the wild



Inspired by the wild

Wander in the enchanting jungles

Play a bit of Hide and seek with the native animals

Find yourself as you get lost

in these mysterious paintings of the wild. 


'Aranya ' is a collection that I am currently working on. It is in it developing phase and I plan on drop launching paintings as and when I finish them. Sign up to my Collectors ' Club (newsletter) to be notified when I launch a new painting as part of this on going collection.

The inspiration for the collection


On one rainy misty morning, my husband and I went on a wildlife safari as part of our trip to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve , India. As we set out hoping to find some Tigers on the safari, it was pouring down and there was hardly any visibility. We may not have seen any tigers on that drive but we experienced something so magical that shook me.
There were peacocks and deer together in a particular spot and it seemed as though they were having an early morning chat. What we witnessed was almost unreal and too beautiful to fathom.

Witnessing elephants in their migration season is one of the most beautiful experiences you can get on a wildlife safari. It got even better for me when we came across a mom and child duo crossing our path as we sat in our jeep and saw them awe. Their magnificence is inexplicable as well as unforgettable.


I always found deer to be such enchanting animals. Always hidden, ready to run away when spotted but their vision, sharp as an arrow.  Sometimes you don't even realize that there's  a bevy of deer just a few meters away as they are camouflaged with the thick bushes doing their business.  I tried to capture this essence of them in 'Aranya'.

Wander in the enchanting jungles and find yourself get lost in the paintings of the wild

Captured moments of inspiration

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