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On one of our early morning safaris in Ranthambore (India), I was bedazzled by this particular sight. It was rainy and misty, and the vision quite unclear. However, I witnessed the habitants of the forest doing thier own activities unhindered by anything. It was dark and hazy and yet, there was glow. Pergaps, the glow of life feeling limitless and the glow of new beginnings maybe!
The peacock's ecstatic dance, the deer being the audience, enjoying their snack every once in a while, the captivating scent of petrichor- an experience of a lifetime! 


50 x 40 cm

Acrylic on canvas (stretched)

Varnished witha UV protect layer

Signed on the front, Name and date on the back



Custom payment plan available for this piece. Email at and we can set out a payment plan that can work for the both of us.

A Misty Morning

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