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18x24 cm

Original Painting

Acrylic on 100 % Cotton Canvas


Aranya minis are painting studies inspired by the adventures in the wild. They also fall in the 'Aranya' collection and carry similar emotions and experiences. Think of each mini as a pocket-sized adventure cut-out for your walls! 


''Aranya-mini XXII' much like 'Aranya-mini XXI'  is also from a scene from our bike ride in one of the most beautiful and underrated national parks of the Netherlands, De Biesbosch! We rode around 60 km in our rented electric bikes from our BnB to the national park. We rested in the afternoon in the national park after riding 30 km non-stop, and managed to do a small picnic in the midst of lush foliage. Here, I found this unique tree and decided to capture it not just as a picture but also in the form of a painting. This painting immortalises both the tree that we sat under and our trip to the beautiful Biesbosch!


This painting comes with its own floater frame, which is included in the price.

Aranya-mini XXII

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