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Sometimes when you just look at a photograph of a place, you feel the whole vibe of it and connect with it deeply. I like to believe that this is because of the energy of the place being in sync with your own life energies. Fascinating right?
So I came across a photo that was shared by a friend of mine when she was traveling in Sikkim, India. I instantly connected with that place as though I visited it and shared memories there. I could feel the vibrance and the magnificence of that landscape so deep that it pulled me to paint it. Through out the process, I was literally soaked into the beautiful landscape. It was no more just a photograph, I lived in it. And that's the magical experience I get to have every time I paint a landscape. 😀



Acrylic on canvas (stretched)

Varnished witha UV protect layer

Signed on the front, Name and date on the back



Custom payment plan available for this piece. Email at and we can set out a plan that can work for the both of us.

By The Brook

€ 475,00Price
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