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Visual Artist | Interior Designer

Paintings inspired by my interactions with nature and mindful observations. 

As someone who loves enjoying simple things like watching birds build nests and hearing leaves outside my window rustle with every breeze, I hope to bring that same joy and experience to life through art.

I come from a culture that worships the elements of nature and seeks to become 'One' with them. The forests, the wilderness and the wildlife have had a significant importance in the Indian Culture. Growing up while practicing these traditions and hearing about mystical tales of the forests and mountains inspired my Art and creative expression. I heal, learn and truly live when I walk the raw pathways, breath the earthy fragrance and hear nature's orchestra. I feel a sense of belonging and grounding when I interact with nature.


I weave tales of my experiences with nature's elements into each of my Artworks and intend to bring a slice of them into human spaces.

Artworks completed in 2023

Paintings part of  'Aranya' Collection

Artworks completed in 2022

Paintings part of  'Aranya' and 'Quiet Moments' Collections

Artworks completed in 2021

Paintings part of  'Quiet Moments' Collection