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All the paintings are original and hand painted. Each painting is priced individually based on the size, style and details. Sizes range from "small" to "large" scale pieces and the styles vary from abstract to landscapes  to fluid paintings to Indian traditional arts. Paintings can be shipped internationally with shipping charges added. The paintings in the gallery that are labeled as 'AVAILABLE FOR SALE' can be shipped immediately or as required by the client. 

The pricing can be discussed over email at


Commissioned work is priced individually based on the size and style of the piece. Dimensions can be customized to requirements. 


Commission paintings can be completely customized in terms of size and style. Commission paintings will be shipped internationally with shipping charges added. No two paintings can exactly be alike but replications can be close. All the paintings are original and hand painted.


STYLE: The paintings will be made totally according to client's preferences. Clients can pick their favorite's from the gallery or an image of what they have in mind for reference. If there is no preference, the commission will be made according to Sravani's artistic judgement once she understands your style. 

TIMELINE AND AVAILABILITY: Custom paintings are commissioned at a limited quantity each month and have a 3-5 week turnaround depending on the size and style.

Every piece takes a great deal of time. The artist will remain in contact with the client throughout the process getting feedback and input for their commissioned piece. She will paint until you love it! Once the painting is finished, the painting is sealed with a varnish and then dated and signed. Customers also can request to have the painting framed in a float frame.

TIMELINE AND AVAILABILITY: Each custom painting is priced based on your requested details. Please email for a commissioned request. You could either choose a painting from the gallery for replication or find a reference of your own. The artist will follow up within 72 hours to confirm details of the size, style, color scheme, etc. The pricing shall be discussed there upon. A 50% deposit confirms your order and the remaining balance will be due once the painting is finished. 


The painting I want is 'sold'; what  now?

Each painting of the store is one of a kind and hence cannot be replicated exactly. However, if you request for a sold painting from the gallery, a similar painting with close replication can be made. You can follow me on my social media to get updated about my new works. Once you find something you love, be quick to order before it gets sold out. :)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I do ship internationally. Shipping charges will be added additionally to your invoice. 

But you know what they say. If it fills your heart with happiness, then its not too expensive. :)

How long should I wait once the order is confirmed?

Since every painting is handmade with love and passion, it takes around 3-5 weeks to finish a piece based on the size and detailing. The artist will stay in touch with you throughout the process and will paint until you are satisfied. Once the entire process is done, shipping takes around 2 weeks depending on the location of the client.

If you buy an available painting from the gallery, the packaging and shipping time will be around 2-3 weeks depending on your location.

How do I take care of the painting?

The painting can be wiped with a dry cloth or dusted with a dry brush. Do not use a damp cloth or cleaning agents as this could affect the texture of the painting. Do not place the painting in direct sunlight. 

How do I get in touch with you?

You can connect with me through the contact page on the website, my social media handles (facebook and instagram) or email me on

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